S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Tea and Chocolate

I ordered much-coveted tea today. I thought I hadn't been looking in the right places for Yogi Tea, but the problem is more that not many places carry it. C. and I went through the box of Green Tea Chai I bought at the Good Food Show last year rather quickly and have been hankering after it ever since.

I also ordered a box of chocolates today, Chococo's chocolate week collection. The shop is in Dorset, so Saturday's chocolate tour won't be stopping by.

To counterbalance my acquisitiveness today, I stayed home and was generally productive: job application, class prep, and mostly finishing off my slightly ambitious rearrangement of the flat in an effort to create more logical, non-pile spaces for books.

Backlog: lots of restaurant write-ups half-finished, more thoughts on textbook prices. Thank you for all the anecdotal information on the state of textbooks across time, countries, and disciplines!
Tags: eating in the uk, food
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