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I'm tired of doing errands. It's what I did yesterday. It's what I did today. And not a trace of real work in sight. To be fair, I do have all day tomorrow free, but every day which drifts by with no work under my belt is worrisome. I don't have enough focus. I need to sit down and just write. A few minutes, and hour or three a day would do it. A good steady work habit. And I've been saying this for months now.

I have 7 squashes to my name now. They're for Monday's Canadian Thanksigiving, my contribution to the group effort. It'll be a planned potluck thanksgiving, so all the major categories should be covered. The host is cooking turkey and bread. Last I heard, no one was bringing salad though, and I've already committed to the squash. True, squash keeps well, but I do have seven of them.

C.'s spent much of his week trying to upgrade his computer memory. His first two tries didn't work - the machine saw the memory, errored on using it. Happily, this third attempt proved functional, so no more daily commutes to the computer store for yet more variants on it. While we were there, I picked up my first CD spindle. It's not a patch on spunbutterfly's hundreds, just a modest 25 one, but it should cover me doing backups for a while to come. I also invested in two CD-RWs, since I wanted the rewritables for taking files back and forth to and from school. I have access to a floppy drive, and it's easy enough to use, but it still seems a little odd to use a flopppy drive mounted over our local network for casual file copying.

We browsed the sales tables at Indigo - my good whim purchase was a book about the Mayan alphabet, which uses each of the alphabet's symbols as an excuse to provide some good-looking commentary (with illustrative photographs) about aspects of Mayan culture and society, including things on its calendar and astronomical system. I hope the commentary reads as well as it looks. While at the store, I gave in and paid for a loyalty card - I've been buying enough there lately I suspect it will be work it, especially now that I've discovered their online store. (I know Amazon now has a Canadian branch, but each time I've compared prices thus far, they've been cheaper or equal at Indigo. Perhaps it's just a competitive phase they're going through.)

Tonight there's a farewell party for cwjat. She's back in town for a week before flitting off to Wales. It's been good to see her again - both as if she never left, and as if she's been away for ages. We barely had time to talk at the Gerald of Wales talk on Thursday, but hopefully I'll have more time with her than that either tonight or later in the week.

Sometime in the next week, the need for me being discreet about Vagantes will end, since everyone will have heard. It would be nice to be able to be both enthusiastic and sympathetic, as appropriate. Yes, I was disappointed about some of the papers which weren't accepted yet. But it's too soon to talk about it.

Yesterday was all foggy and today looks very much as if it will rain at any moment. At some point we need to brave the grocery store crowds. If we don't, well, there's enough food to make it through the weekend, but the meals will involve odd combinations in order to do so.

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