S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Relevant bloggers

Not that the others are irrelevant.

I'm new to web logs. And so I have been browsing extensively (or so I'd like to think) in the past few weeks. But today I wandered across the sorts of blogs which are discussing things of variously close relevance to my own work. Ideofact may repeatedly deny his professional competencies, but hey, he's interested in debated which pertain closely to my skills-in-training-as-medievalist-historian-of-technology, and therefore I suspect I'll continue to follow his work for the time being. . Part of it is what I know I need to know, rather than anything I currently know and care strongly about. He's lately been discussing windmills and their prevalence or lack thereof in the Middle East through to China, and had enough interesting replies to make a proper debate of it. And it does make me feel as if my guidance through the world of Tech. Lit. has been partially validated by the simple fact that he refers to many of the books I've read or used in classes I T.A.'d for. I've not only been reading relevant literature, but relevant literature other people are reading too! The discussion has also given me a small related reading list to pursue, especially to finish the Bernard Lewis book I started a while ago,

Then, of course, I ran across the "Medievalist bloggers" consortium of 2, as far as they ever seem to be cited amongst the sites I have trawled today: the Cranky Professor and H.D. Miller. I haven't read enough to properly comment on either yet.

Note also: right-wing Iowa politics.
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