S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Farewell Party

I felt as if I was back in my undergraduate years last night. It was the first time I'd been at a party which lasted until 4 in the morning since York. I spent most of my time at York hanging out with undergraduates, despite it being a graduate degree for me.

Best conversational moment of the evening: Andrea, Cat, and I were standing by the garden gate, chatting, somewhen not too long past midnight. We knew everyone at the party and, I think, everyone who'd been invited. A completely random boyish punk guy sauntered up to the gate (which was behind the apartments) and pronounced, "I'm here, the party can start now." The three of us stared at him, baffled, and collectively unsure of what to say. None of us knew him. He asked, looking at all of us native Engilsh speakers, "Do you speak English?" Andrea replied, pointing to Cat, "She does."

Kelli did a wonderful presentation of extremely useful archaeological tools for Jen, including a slotted spoon as a cheap substitute for an archaeologist's sieve, and plastic gardening tools in place of all the other more expensive gear she'll need in the field. We gave her a guidebook to England. I love guidebooks and am always happy to spread the joy, especially when, in this case, I know it'll come in handy. In just a few weeks, she's Bristol-bound, and she has another 3 years after that of England-going opportunities.

It seems there was both a wonderful cheese board and good sausages at the party, but I effectively missed them. I didn't know about the sausages until this morning, and hadn't appreciated how good the cheeseboard was until this morning when C. admired the fact they'd had Lancashire cheese, and Gloucester too, I think. I did have cake and gummie bears, though, so it was not all wasted on me.

I don't see nearly enough of Tess and Damian, so it was good to see them there. They always remind me of my sister, since Tess, at least, is from St. Louis and so knows most of the places my sister mentions in passing.

Kelli and Anthony really do have a nice place. If we didn't have to have the computers in the living room, we too could have such a nice large sofa. I especially liked the kitchen, but then again, we have a small one.

The weather is gorgeous out today, windy, pleasant and sunny. It feels as if it could be about time for Thanksgiving.

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