S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Happy Thanksgiving (part 1)

It's Thanksgiving in Canada today. The joy of being an American in Canada is that I get to celebrate Thanksgiving twice! It feels very autumnal outside, on the nippy side of pleasant, with blue skies, sunshine, and a handful of stray fluffy white clouds. I baked lemon bars yesterday and today I'll bake squash (much easier!) and then this afternoon, we're going over to Cat & Co.'s for the first feast of the season.

As a consequence, I'm trying to think of all the things I really wanted to accomplish this weekend. These are likely my last few hours to do them in, since I'm not expected to be able to accomplish much this evening, especially when I'm all full of food. I've worked quite a bit on reforming my webpages this weekend, converting them to stylesheets. They're looking much, much better, but the project's not complete yet. Color set is the one big, ongoing question. C. doesn't like white text on dark, but I find it much more soothing on my eyes than black on white, for example. We'll see...

I finished gathering my major source information for the conference paper - I have plenty of footnotes to follow up on, and I still need to piece together the plotline, but I have all the milestones along the way which need to make up the plotline. Obviously, it would have been wonderful if I could have finished the paper this weekend, but I'm distractable. At least I did some real work.
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