S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

In search of Ramon Lull

As it went along, I wasn't sure I was getting anything done, but in retrospect, it's not been a bad day. I slept in to catch up on sleep and thus skipped this last morning of the conference. That's okay, there was nothing I urgently wanted to hear. I heard that the history of the bra and corset session was completely packed and not even in a particularly large room. Perhaps they thought none of the Sunday morning sessions would be too well attended, but really, many of the organizers knew that the session received a bit of media coverage from the moment the speakers started arriving this week.

Today I uploaded new, style sheeted webpages and wrote most of the rest of my conference paper. I can't finish the conference paper until I track down my notes from Ramon Lull's Tree of Knowledge. If I can't find them, at least it's no big deal to recopy the information - I seem to recall it's about half a page of writing. Ramon Lull is the wild and crazy character in my work on categorizations of knowledge. At least I have one!

I'm not done moving my web pages over to style-sheeted format, but I'd been working on them off and on for the last week and was finally tired of not having the lovely new ones up. I'm likely to keep tinkering with them, so you might not want to have a look until I've at least converted the residual pages. Certainly I'm not attached to the current design - it was just the easiest look to achieve in a fairly rapid conversion. Anyways, their location hasn't changed and I don't have a business card site yet (or business cards - bad printers - must check on that tomorrow). They're here. I don't even know what they look like with other browsers yet.

Good thing: I've had a spate of recent invitations to events happening while I'm away in Indiana, such as the Centre for Medieval Studies' annual costume party. I've finally received an invitation to something I CAN attend: a masquerade/costume dinner on Halloween night itself. Even if I go to HSS (which I'm considering doing), I could go to this. HSS wouldn't even interfere with the event at Citron, if we get around to reserving a table in time.

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