S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


Via angevin2, a challenge to sum up my research in the length of a haiku. Among other projects, I'm working on adapting one of my dissertation chapters into an article, so that's what these are about. I say these because I don't yet have a single one which feels like it does it justice.
Temperance has a
new surfeit of attributes,
not all what White thought.

Scholars forgot that
glasses were so new. What else
eluded their gaze?

Did they know what was
already forgotten? If -
then prescient progress.

Practicing concision is always useful.

P.S. A better one! If I have only one haiku to summarize this work, this one will do.
She balances new
with older inventions, leaves
windmills in wise minds.
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