S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


I've mostly been doing laundry tonght. It's annoying time consuming, and I really have work I want to be working on. I have enough left in conference preparation that I'm tempted to skip Latin tomorrow. C. voted I just show up completely unprepared and pass if called on. At least I'll learn something that way.

My conference paper needs work. I have the books for the rest of the overheads, but won't do them until tomorrow - in my copious free time tomorrow. I have errands to run. A talk I need to attend - it's the only one with medieval content in this semester's talks at my department. A potluck I want to attend, but should make a resolution to leave early (My first Smithie event here!). At least I'll have clean clothing for the trip.

It's been raining here. I wonder what the whether's like in Indiana?

Good thing: C.'s gone to the work of making printing function so it's easy and normal from my computer again - no more saving the pdf and then ssh'ing in to print.

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