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I've mostly been doing laundry tonght. It's annoying time consuming, and I really have work I want to be working on. I have enough left in conference preparation that I'm tempted to skip Latin tomorrow. C. voted I just show up completely unprepared and pass if called on. At least I'll learn something that way.

My conference paper needs work. I have the books for the rest of the overheads, but won't do them until tomorrow - in my copious free time tomorrow. I have errands to run. A talk I need to attend - it's the only one with medieval content in this semester's talks at my department. A potluck I want to attend, but should make a resolution to leave early (My first Smithie event here!). At least I'll have clean clothing for the trip.

It's been raining here. I wonder what the whether's like in Indiana?

Good thing: C.'s gone to the work of making printing function so it's easy and normal from my computer again - no more saving the pdf and then ssh'ing in to print.


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Oct. 23rd, 2002 06:11 am (UTC)
Calming juju
*sends calming juju*

Hope your day works out to not be as nerve-wrangling as it sounds. When are you presenting? I will send calming juju that day, too.

Maybe you could go to Latin with a big scarf wrapped around your neck, and claim that you can't talk due to the horrors ravaged upon your respiratory system by oogey viruses, but want to listen in on class. Or, y'know, you could do what I would do, which is stare at the teacher if you're called upon when unprepared, and theatrically blink back tears...
Oct. 23rd, 2002 06:38 am (UTC)
Re: Calming juju
Happily, it's actually no big deal to pass in class since the class isn't for a grade for any variety at all. It meets 4 days a week and is time consuming - they understand we can't all be ready all the time. It's just a point of pride to be prepared for it - but today I definitely won't be.

I want to do everything in my day - but I think I might limit the potluck to an hour of my time in order to give me enough time to do other things - like work more on the paper - in the evenings. I'm also just generally feeling better at the moment (although who knows how long it'll last) since I just finished a round of editing the paper and was thinking - really - it doesn't have to be ready until Saturday (which is when I'm giving it). It's just that I'll be at a friend's house for most of that time without the full range of usual resources - but I can bring many useful things with me on the trip. Anyways, my friend is going through exactly the same thing - she's giving a paper at the same conference on Friday, so it'll be an entire household of panicked editing and mutual content review.
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