S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

UK immigration changes

For all of you who are resident in the UK but not citizens and have missed the news, the Home Office is raising application fees as of the first of April, in some cases very substantially. All visa costs are going up, however, including all the basic work and student visas. (Details here. The Home Office has only published this list in PDF, which isn't nearly so elegant to link to.)

Notable changes include raising the cost of applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain from £335 to £750; the price of naturalization application rises from £200 to £575. The price of a student visa will change from £250 to £295.

Also, as of April 2nd, anyone applying for indefinite leave to remain will need to take the "Life in the UK" exam first.

While technically these fees are still only "proposed", odds are high that they will be implemented.

(Thank you to the two of you who brought this to my attention. It doesn't immediately affect me. The Home Office still has several years to raise their fees again before I'm eligible to apply for anything else here.)
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