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Pretty Pictures

My overheads have been made. I might not have finished the paper, but at least I'll have something with which to entertain the audience. I feel as if the paper is due tomorrow. Actually, I'm giving it on Saturday. I just fly out tomorrow.

I spent my evening with Smithies! It features a talk by Peter Rose (who is retiring. He's been teaching there since '60). I met people. We talked. It was good practice in presenting my research project to an intelligent audience that knows nothing about the subject. I'll probably keep in touch with 2 of them.

Other than that...
- Talk on transmission of 14th-16th century Indian mathematics to Europe.
- Badminton - I've deduced that it's most just the overhead clear shot I have problems with. I seem to get along fine with the others we've done so far. Today: flat, straight shots.
- Latin - I could toss in a few contributions even without preparing. That was good. While waiting for the bus to the alum event, my latin prof. walked by and introduced his wife, kindly saying I was one of the best students in the class. Very tactful of him.
- Some work in the morning on the paper and the labels for the overheads.
- Errands - shampoo, soap, grapes (for the potluck). A Spanish dictionary for a passage for the paper.
- My Alumnae Quarterly has FINALLY arrived so I can be narcissistic and find the picture on me and my sister and mother.


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Oct. 23rd, 2002 09:19 pm (UTC)
It's quite a nice shot I think, Shansy. I got all excited when I flipped the page and saw you guys.

It's to my eternal dismay that I don't have any reunion years in common with y'all.
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