S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

UK Eurovision vote

To my surprise, there was only one song among the six possible UK Eurovision entrants which I found utterly unmemorable and uninteresting. Most of those would be quite respectable entries!

Liz McClarnon: Lovely lady, terrible dress. But she can sing, and it's a happy, perky song. Fairly generic Eurovision sound, but it would do.
Brian Harvey: Forgettable.
Cyndi: Love the "Red is the Rose" elements, she can sing, it's elegant. It warms my heart to think a French singer might represent the UK. Much as I wouldn't mind owning the album, I'm not convinced it would be a competitive Eurovision entry.
Big Brovaz: Love the masquerade/hip-hop look with corsets, veils, and glitter. Love the sound: opera-rock crossed with hip-hop. And they can sing. I have no idea what the song was about, but does it matter? Visually, this is easily the hit of the bunch.
Scooch: Fun! Perky! Funny! Unnecessarily seductive! Very get-the-vote antics, not atypical for Eurovsion entries, with the flag, lots of mentions of other European cities. (Admission: this is the one now stuck in my head.)
Hawkins & Brown: I want a coat like his. She's gorgeous. Good look, good voices, good vibes, fine song, but it might do better for a non-Eurovision audience.

Results out in another hour-or-so, along with a live Lordi performance.

The UK is the last country to vote for its entry. Via billyabbott, I've seen videos of some of the other entries. The Swiss perky vampire song is hilarious. It would actually be a good song in its own right if it only had different lyrics. Denmark's Drama Queen seemed very generic at the time, but was then stuck in my head for a few days. Several opera-rock entries this year, of which I approve.

Update: Five of the entries were within one percent of each other on votes. The top two were Cyndi and Scooch. I was rather surprised at Big Brovaz elimination. Scooch won, but not until after an embarassing slip on the part of the hosts saying that Cyndi had. Either would have been good, but I suspect Scooch has a better chance of winning. It's a catchy song, strong Eurovision sales pitch, lots of wink-wink-nudge-nudge moments.
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