S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Free art!

The Arts Council of England will be giving away travel wallets in April, the sort you might store your Travelcard in. It's the same format as the default Oyster card wallet. But these wallets have been designed by ten different artists. Most are printed with designs, ranging from photos to prose poems to drawings, but 1000 of them have been knitted. One of the artists is Tracey Emin, who will have a solo show at the UK's Venice Biennale pavilion this summer.

Most will be given away randomly at major travel location (train stations, tube stops), but 5000 of them are available to request via web (for free) if you're interested. The website also has photos of the ten wallet designs. (Scroll down to the bottom for image links and requests.)
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