S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Princess Nine

(Yes, I did go away and have a trip. I've been really tired and am fighting off a cold and so probably won't get around to teling you any of the exciting little details of it until at least tomorrow. And yes, I made it back)

I was good today, and bought bagels - now I have no excuses not to have breakfast, especially breakfast at home. I acquired them on route to Donald's house and, for the third time today, my route to Donald's house had directional issues. Not navigational issues, I navigate just fine. We'd finally arranged to get together so we could all watch more Princess Nine - and while we were there, we watched 2 episodes of the Excel Saga which is a wacky concoction. I like the closing credits especially.

My first navigational strangeness of the day involved going to school. I just missed a streetcard and 15 minutes passed before a bus pulled up marked 'Special', obviously a replacement for the streetcard. Indeed, we cut down to Queen and avoided a line of stuck streetcars, then back up. So far, so good. But strangely, when it came to Spadina, it turned north. And then it loitered. I got off at College and walked east, still trying to go to my department. It was more straightforward at that point, but out of my way.

The second time, habit took over and my brain turned off. I ran down into the subway station and automatically hopped on a train. One heading the wrong direction. Oh well.

The third time was trivial, and only happened because I couldn't remember which of 2 stops was closest to Donald's - I overshot a bit.

So much for it taking only the 3 days Jenn promised for business cards. They've revised their readiness until Thursday, which means it'll have been about 3 weeks.

I need to come up with a costume for a masquerade event on Thursday. Hmmm.

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