S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Book Records again

I too kept track of the books I read for my Specialist Exam (no Major Fields in my department). I've kept track of books for reading programs in elementary and secondary school. I read all of the Newberry Award books as of 5th grade. I've always liked the idea of keeping track of books, but never really done it. I wonder if it's a combination of my historical and accumulative instincts to desire to the information, even if I don't retain it. Does it matter if I've read a book if I can't remember what it's about?

A few people commented on the book records poll to observe that they didn't see the point in keeping track of all the books they'd ever read. Is it a genre of life diary? Are people who keep track of books more or less likely to keep track of other things, like movies? Is it a form of collecting things which doesn't take up much space? Is it a tally for pride, each book a notch? Early life habit, once established, never altered?

For those of you who do so, why do you keep track (or want to keep track) of the books you read?
Tags: the art of reading
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