S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Les Marshmallables and other bright, colorful things

Do you hear the Peep Chicks sing?
Singing the songs of angry hens?
It is the music of the candy
that will not go stale again!

On the subject of undead candy - well, edibles in lurid colors anyways - a passing comment on The Passionate Cook brought to my attention the lack of easter egg dyes in the stores in the UK. I hadn't noted their absence, but she's right: the supermarkets don't stock thin cardboard boxes with punch-out Easter-themed figures and coordating cardboard eggcups, along with a cheap wire dipper and dissolvable dye tablets. Why not? (Or, conversely, why do we get the dye sets in the U.S.?)
Tags: food
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