S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Tickets and Meetings

I've finally ordered my ticket for the Two Towers exhibit. I still need my Medee tickets, but I'll have time for that tomorrow.

I'm positive I showed up at the right time and place for a meeting this afternoon - but no one else came and I waited half an hour for them. I wonder what became of it. Happily, the only other person due to meet me at my other meeting today did show up, and I had a very nice chat with aliciam - we have friends in common and she's someone I ought to have met before but we hadn't properly until today.

I'm still mildly sick - a very low grade fever, a very minimally sore throat, and very mild congestion. As long as it gets no worse, I don't mind - it's a relatively gentle way to get sickness over and done with. In the meantime, I'll just drink lots of lemon ginger tea.

Unhappy thing: there was a mouse in the kitchen today. We didn't have mouse problems until the basement neighbor moved out and then they started to explore the rest of the house to see if there was food anywhere else in it.

Thanks to f_butterfly, I've been covetously eyeing Folkwear patterns, like this one and this one and this one.
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