S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Feeling much better!

I'm not all the way better, but I'm tons better than I was last I posted. On Thursday I dragged myself out to a pub night since I was pining away for human contact, but it may have been a mistake, as I didn't feel terribly well. Friday I felt better, but not best. Jenn called early (as arranged earlier in the week) and we spent the day - almost the entire day - shopping for deck furniture. We found a really nice, reasonable, comfortable set I'm quite happy with, took it home in her car, set it up, h ad lemonade and chocolates on the deck... and when she left, C. and I went out to see the very funny Important of Being Earnest. Good, and funny!

In sum: haven't gotten any work done since Thursday, but I have nice deck furniture, and have eaten some good meals, and even seem to have my apetite back again today!

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