S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

The prospect of doing work

I'm not as sick as I was yesterday, but I"m certainly not better. My knee isn't quite as mysteriously disfunctional as it was last night, but my muscle still doesn't want to let me extend my leg straight, so I'm hobbling around a bit. All in all, this makes for many very real excuses for not doing work. And whatever I end up doing, I'll need to allow extra bunches of time to do it. Bad knee.

The thing is, I really did have the time this week to make up work hours. I'm behind thanks to conferencing, and I had every intention of catching up this week when the week began. I still could do it, but at this rate, I'd have to cram most of the hours into Friday, skip a talk entitled "Mushroom Boom! How mushroom cultivation inspired the formation of mycological
societies in North America in the late 19th century," and do it all more slowly than usual anyways, depending on my knee, since much of my work involves strolling around the stacks of the main library, immersed in very dry air when I'm already feeling both very dried out and congested.

I could do some this afternoon, but really, I'd rather come home early to dress up for this evening's costume party. And buy tickets to Medee and probably the LOTR event with Q & A on Friday. Assuming I can get either and that I'm walking fast enough to make it to both before all the shops close for the day.

At this rate too, having slept in again in an attempt to rid myself of the cold, I shall be massively underprepared for translating what Bernard of Clairvaux has to say on killing the infidels. Evidently most of the rest of the sermon (to the Knights Templar) is on kill, kill, kill, killing. And his sentences are deceptively extremely complex.

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