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Avista at Kalamazoo

The Association Villard de Honnecourt for Interdisciplinary Study of Medieval Technology, Science and Art is sponsoring the following sessions at Kalamazoo.

Thursday 3:30 - Session 140 - Schneider 1140
From Field to Table: Technologies of Food
Organizer: Shana Worthen, Univ. of Arkansas–Little Rock
Presider: Eileen Kim, Univ. of Toronto
The Invention of Agriculture
Shana Worthen
Ad Amorem: Magical Confections, Perceptions, and Efficacy
Elisabeth Carnell, Western Michigan Univ.

Thursday 5:15 - Valley III 312
Medieval Flavors: A Demonstration
Organizer: Shana Worthen, Univ. of Arkansas–Little
Presider: Janice Safran, Independent Scholar
This tasting is linked to “From Field to Table: Technolo-
gies of Food” (Session 140).

Friday 10:00 - Session 230 - Schneider 1140
De Aedificatione I: Towers
Organizer: Abby McGehee, Oregon College of Art and Craft
Presider: Ellen Shortell, Massachusetts College of Art
Constructing Salisbury Cathedral’s Spire
A. Richard Jones, AVISTA
Late Gothic Tower Construction in Paris: Symbol and Function
Abby McGehee
The Geometry of Tower Planning for Ulm Minster
Robert Bork, Univ. of Iowa

Friday 1:30 - Session 301 - Bernhard 208
De Aedificatione II: Planning and Laying Out
Organizer: William W. Clark, Queens College, CUNY
Presider: William W. Clark
Laying Out Reims after Lunch
Nancy Wu, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Patrons, Builders, and the Laying Out of Architecture: How Regular Did
Pier Spacing Have to Be?
Nigel Hiscock, Oxford Brookes Univ.
Unitary Measure at Saint-Martin-aux-Bois
Chris Henige, Univ. of Wisconsin–Whitewater

Friday 3:30 - Session 346 - Schneider 1140
De Aedificatione III: Making the Ideal Real
Organizer: William W. Clark, Queens College, CUNY
Presider: William W. Clark
The Production and Representation of Space in the Romanesque Churches of
the Bourbonnais
Stephen Murray, Columbia Univ.
The Readiness Is All: Evidence for Standardization in Limestone Sculpture
Production in Twelfth-Century France
Janet Snyder, West Virginia Univ.
Kimpel, la Taille en Série, and Medieval Mass-Production Revisited
Vibeke Olson, Univ. of North Carolina–Wilmington

Friday 5:30 - Fetzer 1045
Reception with cash bar

Sunday 10:30 - Session 613 - Bernhard 208
(Re)Build It and They Will Come: Reconstructing Medieval and Renaissance

Organizer: Steven A, Walton, Pennsylvania State Univ.
Presider: Paul J. Gans, New York Univ.
Maulnes: Archéologie et architecture d’un château de la Renaissance
Stéphane Büttner, Centre d’Études Médiévales d’Auxerre, and Fabrice
Henrion, Centre d’Études Médiévales d’Auxerre
Reconstructing the “War-Waggons” of Guido da Vigevano
George W. Brooks, Valencia Community College
Tilting at Windmills: The Promise and Peril of Campus Construction Projects
Steven A. Walton


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