S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Kalamazoo Friday

Dr. Virago did all the work of coordinating a large group of bloggers, eighteen or so of whom gathered early this morning for a meet up. It was a lovely event, full of reunions and new encounters. Unexpectedly, when we did a round of introductions, no one volunteered their blog names. Instead, it came up in conversations, sometimes lopsided when one of us had figured out who the other was, but not vice versa. Breakfast proved a very good time to have the event - very few people had conflicts.

Not so with "Weblogs and the Academy", this year's blogging roundtable. None of us had thought to advertise it much in advance. The disadvantage: a modestly decent audience of ten; the advantage: easy group conversations. The panel was constructively useful, full of anecdotes on the problems and successes of using blogs as a supplement to classroom teaching, and for the broader optional mandate of teaching the world. Something I've been wondering lately: why are there no medievalists doing audio or video blogs?

Other events of the day: several sessions of architectural history, with joints, spires, ropes, and compasses; lunch at Bilbo's; a long, lovely, leisurely evening downtown with the bloggers of Unlocked Wordhoard, Making Light, the Digital Medievalist, and Stones in the Field.
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