S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Happy Halloween!

The children scampering around in hordes and the adults trying way too hard to dress up for me were unsettling, especially after it had taken me an hour and a half to get home. (For reference, I can usually do the trip by transit in about 35 minutes, just under an hour walking.) I waited 35 minutes for the streetcar before learning it had been in an accident, so I had to take a different route home. I arrive home around the time I'd been planning to leave for the Halloween party tonight. The party had begun by the time I was ready to leave.

The hard part in getting ready wasn't even the clothing part of the costume. I haven't worn contacts in 4 years and while I could do the thicker one on the second try, it took me another 10 minutes to get the other one in. It'll take a bit to get used to wearing them again. At least it was a nicely humid evening which made wearing them easier. Then I put on makeup - another rarity since usually I don't even own any. I bought some for the occassion, so I was detailed in white and gold. I did a fairly basic Venetian carnival-type outfit, which felt like cheating since it's not part of my usual habit of making spectacular and complicated last minute outfits from scratch. Except for the golden mask which I bought yesterday, I already owned all the random but appropriate bits of clothing which went into this costume. (Indeed, upon later thought, I realized that the bits and pieces came from 5 different countries!)

The party was delightful. I only knew 2 people on arriving, but I had lovely talks with many people, especially a new acquaintance named Sara(h) who I will never recognize again since she wore a mask the entire time. To be fair, it was a truly gorgeous and beribboned mask. We have Ad Astra and Worldcon and Bakka and the LOTR exhibit and such in common. She's a writer (fantasy and/or sci fi, not sure), aspiring to be published, currently circulating some of her work. Bronwen, one of Alice's housemates (Alice being one of the two people I knew), went all be-vined, much more in keeping with what I would normally do. Alexandra (I know her too!) was dripping with cute toy snakes as Medusa. A woman named Leslie has a pretty blue dress and amazingly long black hair. And there were balloons! (There were lots of other nice people there too, including a Pirate named Paco and a Death named David. If Cyril had been dressed as a Sorceror I could keep up with the alliteration, but he was dressed as a witch. And there was a fluffy grey cat.)

The food had cooled by the time I made it there but was still tasty - especially the Roman Stuffed Dates (I don't think they were stuffed with real Romans).

I'm happy - I was allowed to run off with a balloon when I went home.

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