S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


Yesterday was one of those days which sounds really full and satisfying and busy. It's not that it wasn't, but it didn't feel particularly busy - and maybe not even full - at the time. L. had recommended a brunch place called Swan - which we were going to try until I looked it up in the food guidebook and thought it sounded like a place I'd feel awkward going to when looking too grungy. Why were we so inelegantly dressed? Because right after brunc (at Luna, in the end), we headed off, via a bookstore (SF/F), to the Beaches, where C. rollerbladed for an hour and a half and I read. C. is looking more much competent now, even if he hasn't been blading all winter. He's not flailing the way he used to last summer and looks rather comfortable on wheels. Afterwards, a brief wander through an Arts and Crafts fair which happened to be going on in the area, and then home to do laundry and try out a new way to bake chicken (boneless, skinless fillets, with oil, wrapped in tin foil). It worked out after we gave the chicken 5 more minutes than it was meant to need.

Today: Important thing is to work on polishing off the 2000 paper. You'd have thought I would have done this a year or two ago but no, I never ended up turning in the final version to the office. I need to fill in all the little missing spaces and footnotes. An added bonus for the day would be if I could find my RA hours sheet. I really need it. Good thing: Dinner at L.'s house with Cat and C.

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