S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Holgate Mill

Holgate Windmill, York

The Holgate Windmill is the best of the surviving mills in York. It's under restoration right now - there were two mill specialists (according to their van) working up in the scaffolding when I went to visit earlier this week. It's located on a quiet roundabout at the top of a hill (Windmill Rise) off of Acomb Road, in the middle of a housing estate with views of the Yorkshire Wheel and the Minster. The bounty of ribbons trailing from its fencing, fasteneing shiny junk CDs to the grid, were a fundraising effort - a sign on the far side celebrates £300 raised.

York, like most places in the UK, used to have far more windmills than it does today, now that they are primarily touristic, not agricultural, destinations. John Speed's early seventeenth-century map of York in the Treasurer's House showed six or so mills in its vicinity, half northeast of the city, the other half, like this one, on the west side.
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