S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

On not yet reading Book Seven

We drove out to the Gallions Reach Borders for the midnight launch of book 7. Despite having the best name of all DLR stops, the region around Gallions Reach is ex-industrial wasteland converted to large-scale stripmalls. The Borders was one of the few within fifty miles of us which wasn't doing much special to celebrate the launch - which is to say, they didn't have visiting owls, or authors reading the previous book, or coloring games to pass away the evening. That's not why we went there - we went because it was relatively convenient and offered at least a little more drama than Tesco was likely to.

The drama was slight. No cake this time, alas! (All book launches should have cake. The last HP book launch I went to was at Toronto's flagship Indigo store. There was cake.) The queue only started forming about 20 minutes before minute, although it wrapped around the store by the time midnight struck. Their token wizards left the store at a quarter till midnight. The bookstore staff couldn't quite agree on what time it was, and when they did, they eventually did a countdown with confetti packets. Only then did they go through the line to figure out who had pre-ordered the book and hand them slips.

But despite the mild anticlimax of the whole thing, we emerged with stickers and certificates advertising where we purchased the book, a dedicated shopping bag advertising the book, and - of course - the book itself.

And so it seems even more anticlimactic - now that I have this long-awaited book in my hands as much as eight hours before some of the rest of you are allowed to buy it! - that I am tired and need sleep before reading.

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