S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Splash of Wine alpha

For months now, C.'s been working hard on the backend of a new website. Splash of Wine is a social networking-oriented website for wine reviews. Today, it's moved from pure development into alpha release - this means it's still early days for the site, but the core features should all be functional and robust - and if they're not, on any browser at all - C. would like to know ASAP.

Current features include - among other things - support for international currencies, tags, RSS of all users' public feeds, and auto-display of HTMl for embedding one of your reviews in a blog post or other webpage. All sorts of future features are planned for better organizing wines - and now's a fine time to suggest some of the ones you'd be most interested in, if you'd like to try using the site and have some suggestions of your own. The site also offers easy export of data if you'd like to back yours up, or aren't sure you want to commit to using it long term, but would like to give it a try.

C. started this site because he doesn't know all that much about wine - and having a friendly place to store his own wine reviews - and compare them with other peoples' - will help to remember favorite and least-favorite wines.

If you have any feedback at all - however trivial - about the site, please do let C. know. You can't fill out the site's feedback form without registering, but you can leave comments on this post if you'd like to just take a superficial look and stop there. He'd appreciate any and all feedback you may have.
Tags: making a splash, splash of wine

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