S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Adventures in Housekeeping

  • My poor sister cut her thumb open while pitting an avocado and had to go in to the emergency room for stiches earlier this week.

  • A week ago, our electric boiler stopped working. On Monday, an electrician came by and reset the top-up switch. From the intermittant signal, he wasn't sure if the main heating unit was broken or not. It is. We still don't have a regular supply of hot water. (We're dependent on the rental agency arranging the electrian's visits. Further, this is the second time in less than a year that our boiler has stopped working.)

  • We're both working from home today. C. was on a conference call when I heared metalic noises from the lock on the door. Did the electrician have a keyring? I went to the door to check and saw a black-clad figure disappearing around the corner of the hallway. Eek! Attempted break-in or someone who confused flat numbers?

  • We've had five fabulous houseguests in the past month-or-so. The last left yesterday. Much as I like each and every one of them, it will be SO nice not to host anyone for the next month.

In other news, I'm making satisfying progress on an article draft. This article is particularly exciting for me because it doesn't involve any images, and thus will require no image permissions!
Tags: repairs

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