S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

In search of organization

I aspire to being and sounding as productive as cwjat, aliciam, and - I presume since I'm hoping she's too busy working to have time to post - haggisthesecond. If I do 2.5 hours of work, then I'll be caught up on work hours for this week (although not the ones I still owe) and shall feel free to have a full half a day to devote to organizing myself, or just doing work.

But the question is... where to start? Since I have a nice collection around them, I'm thinking clocks and/or sandglasses are the place to start. Last I recall, I was going to write a series of 4 2-week essays and bibliographies on brief histories of my 4 technologies, gathering as many pictures as I can in the process. For now, photocopies are seeming like a better means for me to work with than scanning in my images.

So... I need to do work hours, make photocopies, and work through bibliographies to find more source material. And when I come home agian, I need to do some db redesign to make it easier to sort some of my dbs by categories.

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