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Election Day

By this time of day a few years ago, many of the east coast elections would have already been called, based on exit polls. The suspense will last a little longer, post-Florida.

I'm beginning to wonder about this week in the world of me and streetcars. For the third time in under a week, my streetcar was substantially delayed. Usually it's reliable. This morning I had a 20+ minute wait which, happily, went by more quickly than usual thanks to running into Jason Taniguchi at the streetcar stop. This evening I saw the flashing lights from the firetrucks and police cars at Bay and just walked. A streetcar finally came when I was nearly home, 35 minutes later.

For the second day in a row, I ran into English Dept/MA Latin Christopher around campus. And I finished my afternoon (pre-streetcar) with a nice, long, satisfying academic discussion with Jay, something which happens all too rarely these days.

And I started on thesis content collation!

C.'s new phone has arrived, but sadly, he must impatiently wait until tomorrow to pick it up.