S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Oh where, oh where, has my camera gone to?

A camera, once, I placed away
in some place safe and near,
some smart location, obvious,
to me that day, right here.

An act of paranoia, yes,
I knew for what it was.
But since that 'tempted break-in,
I felt I had just cause.

Within a week, I needed it.
I casually looked 'round,
to find that place so obvious.
No camera could be found!

I spent an hour searching high,
an hour searching low.
Where had I hid my camera?
I swear I do not know!

Before Wakehurst, before Cotswolds,
each time I searched it out.
But can I find my camera?
I now begin to doubt.

Three weeks have passed since I it hid,
three weeks of much-missed snaps.
Sketching is fine, but can't replace
the outcome of this lapse.
Tags: poetry
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