S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Near Fulda

Mound near Fulda

We were driving from Heidelberg to a small town in the Thuringian Forest when I noticed that Fulda was en route. Even better, we were going to reach it at a point we'd want a break from driving. We were going to arrive around 5 pm, so I hoped the cathedral would still be open. (Fulda is a name to conjure with in the Middle Ages. It's around where Boniface came from England to convert the Germanic people to Christianity. Rabanus Maurus was one of the abbots of the monastery later founded there.)

We were nearing our destination when this loomed up before us. "No wonder this was a holy site with something like that by it!" was my first reaction, before I realized we still had another five or so miles to drive to get to Fulda. The road brought us closer and I realized that surely this mound-out-of-nowhere is actually an industrial site of some sort - mining? But there was a cross perched up there. Fulda's on the edge of an ex-volcanic zone, which is what I initially attributed to the mound to. Thoughts on what it is?

Like the potatoes, this is a photo taken from a moving car.
Tags: travelogue

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