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I went golfing for the first time on Sunday. (Technically, there is a great deal of mini-golf in my distant past, but that only helps when putting.) The weather was perfect, the course apparently cheap, and definitely beginner-friendly, and the company delightful. haggisthesecond coached me through basics on the driving range, and then we were off for 9 holes of golf (the whole course).

Under the circumstances, I did remarkably well. My lowest stroke count was 8, my highest a fluke 23. Most of the time I hovered around 10-12 strokes per hole (where par was mostly 3-4). I beat my coach on two holes, to my astonishment. Admittedly, she's only been playing for three months, and one of those holes was a disaster for her.The last hole was over a water hazard, and on the fourth try, I crossed it, with applause from a watching elderly fellow on the bar patio. It was fun and, to my surprise, physically tiring as sports are. My muscles ached the next day.

Now I know the different between a 5 iron, a 7 iron, sand wedge, and a wood, all of which were meaningless terms to me before this weekend. Also, on the improbable offchance I ever end up in a job where golfing matters, I'll have the basic etiquette of the game down - if not any real competency. (Etiquette note: I knew that whoever was furthest from the hole went next; and I knew this from playing Wii Golf.)



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Oct. 25th, 2007 07:29 am (UTC)
You did very well!

Golf isn't a cheap sport, unfortunately, and even less so in London. There's also a premium for playing at the weekend (when there's the greatest demand, naturally enough). There is a place in Thamesmead that we can try in the future which is £3 cheaper for 9 holes on a weekend, but it's less beginner friendly; 3 holes are over water and some of the others are big doglegs (where there's a kink or curve in the layout of the hole so you can't see the flag from the tee).
Oct. 25th, 2007 08:27 am (UTC)
Thank you!

I wasn't really complaining about the price so much as impressed that that counted as cheap, if you see the difference. It makes me happy to go back there and rather worried as to what more serious golf courses in the area might cost!
Oct. 25th, 2007 03:13 pm (UTC)
golf prices

If you want to go to a fancier place like the Addington Golf Club in Kent, one of the UK's top 100 courses, according to its own website anyhow, it will cost you an eye-watering £90 for 18 holes on a weekend. Less if you're there as the guest of a member, but blimey. I won't be going to the Addington anytime soon.
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