S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Water-powered watch

I momentarily misread one of my student's sentences and thought s/he was commenting on the development of a portable water-powered clock in the late Middle Ages. After a moment of amusement, I realized what a truly neat idea this would be. A water-powered watch!

So of course I then asked the internet if such a wonderful steampunkesque* creation existed. I couldn't think how it would work right off, but I leave that to other creative minds to solve. The answer? Think Geek sell a water-powered clock that's just six inches tall, small enough to be portable. But there's even better to come: there will be water-powered mobile phones available (at least in Korea) by 2010. And a mobile is (among other things) a kind of pocket watch.

* Or, quite literally, clockpunkesque, but I wasn't mentally committing to how the waterworks inside were going to function.
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