S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Festa della Madonna della Salute

Today is the feast day of the Madonna della Salute. For the week, there's a temporary bridge build across from the sestiere di S. Marco to somewhat near the Salute. For the day, the rio terrà nearby was filled with stalls selling candies, deep-fried dough confections, caramelized fruits, roast chestnuts, and other confections. The church itself was thronged with visitors and worshippers, leaving enormous tables full of candles lit in banks of fire.

We arrived in style, my father rowing us over in the sandolo (above, in blue). He left us on the steps of the Salute and went off to find a docking spot before rejoining us in time for piping hot fritelle, fresh from the deep fryer.
Tags: on the water, travelogue, venice
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