S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

In a sandolo

Night on the Grand Canal, facing the Rialto market

My father took me rowing late in the evening several times in Venice this past week in the sandolo. He's been rowing for less than two years and prefers to avoid the crush of daytime boat traffic - the gondolas, the barge traffic. In the nighttime, you can have whole canals to yourself. For several minutes at a time, it's even possible to have a monopoly on parts of the Grand Canal.

Venice can be very small. One evening while out rowing, we ran into a friend walking along the banks, one we'd had dinner with only a day or two before. We rowed by a palazzo filled with partying Warwick Uni students, and then ran into the same students at the Ca' d'Oro a few days later.

On the last evening, I tried taking photos from a moving boat at night. The odds seemed against any of the photos turning out, but my point-and-shoot is resilient and rose to the challenge. A good dozen of the photos turned out reasonably. This is one of the best of them. It's a photo of the campo by the Camerlenghi, just down from the Rialto market. It's the same campo I photographed with the plants during acqua alta the other day, then from the land in the morning, this time from the Grand Canal at night.
Tags: on the water, travelogue, venice

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