S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


  • I have a set of minutes dated 16/01/20081. They're from the far future! I wonder if all the people listed in them are human beings as we would recognize them.

  • For all of you who are less obsessed (or, at least, not on the relevant mailing list), the 2008 Playmobil catalog is out. I want the exploding volcano with dinosaurs. I am not wholly convinced about the fairyland sets, although they come with nice flowers.

  • Thanks to a passing mention by purplecthulhu, I downloaded a trial of Scrivener yesterday and worked through the tutorial. My first impression is that I wish I'd had this to help manage writing my dissertation. On the downside, it reminds me of my perennial discontent with ways of managing reference databases. I started off with FileMaker, and gave up and just used text/word processing documents to manage mine. (FileMaker is still handy for other things though.) Why are bibliography management programs so expensive?
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