S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Encounter with the '80s

The Breakfast Club is one of those iconic '80s movies I've heard referred to most my life and never seen - until this evening. I can see why it could be iconic: it takes a fairly straightforward premise and does a really effective job with it. It was just the right length, and plenty happens. There's character development for everyone except Carl the Janitor (and at least we learn more about him).

Also, Alli Sheedy's character reminded me so much of black_faery, because they superficially look the same. And they're both artists.

Did The Breakfast Club crown the genre of "what happened in detention" and leave it nothing else to say? Or is there a mini-genre of movies, books, and stories inspired by it? (i.e. Is it like a work of Chaucer - with lots of near-contemporary fan fiction, or like a work of Dante, which everyone admired, but no one ever did anything quite like?)
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