S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


C.'s work visa arrived today! He can stay in Canada for another year!

My mother should be successfully back in Venice by now. Jenene's exam is tomorrow and she sounds quite knowledgeable about nitrous oxide in the 19th century, so it should all go well.

I did work today. Real work. Admittedly, it largely proved unsuccessful and more eliminated potentially useful information than gave me much to work with. I'm looking for a poem on inventors by Marcantonio Sabellico, a late fourteenth-century historian of the Venetian republic who wrote a poem on inventors which Polydore Vergil decries as only being an echo of Pliny's list of inventors in his Natural History. There's a scholar in London working on Sabellicus I would love to contact, but I'd feel happier doing it once I've had a chance to read through the poem first. All those heuramatological lists are useful to me. (The word refers to these collected lists of inventors of various things.)
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