S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Overwintered Quince

Two years ago, ewtikins gave me a quince shrub from her garden in one of her buckets. It reduced to a handful of sticks overwinter, and I was delighted when it came back to life again in the spring.

Yet again, the quince has returned to leaflets after a brief winter in stick-form. It has an island of grass beside it, still in the bucket, still inadequately drained. This year, ewtikins no longer has a garden, and I still have her bucket. But this year - if all goes to plan - I will have a garden of my own, a place to plant or repot.

If all goes well, next year will see much larger quince sticks overwintering.

(If she lacks bucket storage space, I'm happy to retain it until she has need of it again.)
Tags: fruit, quince
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