S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Packages and Professionalism

My day was a pleasantly useful one. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, however, when I can return to doing real work and spend my afternoon in Fischer, pursuing sixteenth-century editions of Polydore Vergil with appendices. What follows is my day in highlight form...

- I filled in for my advisor on his early tech class. This would mean more if I'd given a lecture. Instead, I merely pressed play on a video tape. Still, the concept made me feel as if I'm working in the right direction.

- I received a package in the mail at school. It was a book I really didn't need, but more importantly, receiving it means that HSS has my check - so I'm now a member of the History of Science Society. Hopefully I'll soon be receiving the more interesting things which come with the membership.

- Indeed, some of it may have already arrived. I have email saying there's an oversize envelope for me in the office, the next time I'm in to pick it up.

- And in fact, I was there when Denise tried to put it in the mailbox, only I didn't realize she was putting it in mine and she'd forgotten my name entirely, obviously. She asked us what she should do, and we recommended keeping it and leaving the person a note. Thus the email in my previous bullet point. Ironically, the only other person in the common room also received a package (desk copies!).

- I've done my work hours for the week and caught up on my overdue hours!

- We're reading through the intro to the Vulgate faster than I was expecting. I'm having trouble telling how much of this I feel comfortable with or could handle without glossing.

- I've redirected most of my email to our new all-pupose web host. It's a new era!

- I ran into a committee member and we stopped and chatted for five minutes while he found out how the police lead their horses into the horse trailer. It was good to catch up.

- Harry Potter movie tomorrow night! With many people!

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