S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Food Notes

  • Our cooking is generally very onion-intensive. Last night was a pinnacle of onion consumption: slow-roasted lamb and onion stew, with avocado and raw onion salad. All we were missing were the pickled onions, and those we opted out of. They are present in the kitchen.

  • C. and I have been sampling our way through the breakfast bar selection in our local supermarket. Thus far, Dorset Cereals easily wins for tastiest breakfast bars.

  • pennski - I have not forgotten! I shall bake cake on Thursday.

  • We've been reading about Victorian kitchens and food preparation, which led to learning a snippet about the mid-nineteenth century "oyster crash". Before then, oysters were eaten as a cheap food, widely available to the poor. Between overfishing and pollution, supplies crashed sometime around 1850. Is this true only of England? How far back were they such a cheap food - since consumption of them began?
Tags: food
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