S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

A few brief snippets from Eastercon

I only knew people with cats. Fortunately, Neil Gaiman has a dog.
Tech was generally excellent, but I would have enjoyed China Mieville's talk more had they not been whispering continuously through the whole thing.
My favorite panel of the weekend was one in which five people roleplayed being a book jury.
Tanith Lee is wonderfully enthusiastic.
A recent panto and the Lancashire Hotpots convinced me that I was finally coming to understand enough British culture to get the humor. A concert with Mitch Benn makes me think I haven't been here very long after all.
The academic track was very well attended.
At the end, the con swore fealty to a giant stuffed pig doll. At the time, it made sense.

Over the weekend it snowed, hailed, rain, slushed, and the sun shone brightly.
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