S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

The Victoria Sponge's True Identity

Thank you for all your responses on the typical British cake to eat with tea. The answer is either a light fruit cake, a Victoria sponge, or a seed cake. It's unclear if one of these is really more typical than another, but those were the ones you collectively prefered.

What I noticed in your answers, however, is that there is no consensus on what a Victoria sponge should be flavored filled with. hungry_pixel presumed Victoria sponges would taste like vanilla. On the contrary, billyabbott prefers jam-filled ones. sam_t commented on cream, buttercream, and raspberry jam versions. ladymoonray didn't specify if she was thinking of a particular kind of them. sollersuk mentioned butter icing or jam, without specifying kinds.

So - what SHOULD a Victoria sponge be layered with? And are there any limits on the appropriate kind of jam to use with them, and still call it a Victoria sponge? Any kind of jam at all? Would you be as happy with apricot jam as with marmelade as with pineapple jam? Are you allowed to have more than one flavor filling, i.e. a layer of buttercream AND a layer of jam? Or must a Victoria sponge have a single layer of filling?
Tags: food, sweets
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