S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Conference Update

  • Contrary to what the Medieval Academy of America (MAA) program book says, I am not presenting at the MAA this weekend in Vancouver. Last I heard, several weeks ago, they were looking for a replacement paper for mine.

  • I will be presenting at the Three Societies Meeting in Oxford in July. This is the only conference I'm committed to at this point for this year.

  • I will not be at K'zoo this year, although I co-organized a session for it. It's the third in our "Weblogs and the Academy" series of sessions, this time with papers instead of a roundtable (co-organized with Elisabeth Carnell). It's on Saturday at 3:30, session 511, and is entitled "Weblogs and the Academy: Professional and Community Outreach through Internet Presence". You should all attend it, if you'll be at the conference. (I'm treasuring a hope that I can get copies of the papers from the presenters.)

  • I am looking for more prospective papers for next year's Medieval Congress at Kalamazoo on behalf of AVISTA. I am organizing a group of sessions on "Book Technology". In the near future, I'll post a more formal description of this, but do please contact me if you're at all interested and work on related material.
Tags: academia
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