S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Kalamazoo 2008

I'm not going to be at this year's Medieval Congress at Kalamazoo, but if you are, let me recommend to you three events (in one case, a set of events):

  • AVISTA is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the availability of facsimiles of the Villard de Honnecourt manuscript, a nifty set of fourteenth century drawings of architectural details, building plans, devices, animals, and people.
    • Check out session 219 for information about the manuscript (Friday, 10 am)

    • Get involved at the business meeting on Friday at noon (p. 75) AVISTA always needs new members interested in any aspect of medieval technology, art, or architecture.

    • Session 275 for artistic aspects of the ms. (Friday, 1:30 pm)

    • Session 328 for architectural and mechanical aspects of the drawings in the ms.

    • The annual reception with cash bar on Friday evening (p. 110)

    • Session 525 for a medieval architecture session

    • Session 575 for an all-Gothic architectural session.

  • Elisabeth Carnell and I have organized Session 511: "Weblogs and the Academy: Professional and Community Outreach through Internet Presence." It's in Bernhard 213 on Satuday at 3:30. Debbie Gascoyne has had to cancel, but everyone else is a go! This year, the session will be comprised of three formal papers, and a Q&A session.

  • This year's blogger meetup will be on Friday at 7:30 am at Mug Shots.

I look forward to reading and hearing how everything goes next week!
Tags: academia, kalamazoo

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