S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Notes on the Second Eurovision Semi-Final

Song List

I saw half of these broadcast live, and caught up with the first half today online.
  • Trauma and angst! My favorite two songs didn't make it out of their semi-final! Switzerland's fabulous "Era stupenda" was done in by a really drab set of backup "dancers". Bulgaria's "DJ, Take me away" had some great performance moments - record-playing guitars, record players on fire, break dancing - but it looked sort of chaotic all together; the singer's hair was more boring than in the video, and she was rather less flirtatious too. Still, sad.

  • Georgia's "Peace will come": Amazing costume change. I can see how the lead singer's was done, but how did the guy who helped her do it too in the few seconds they had? We get to see it again in the final.

  • Czech Republic's "Have some fun" had eye-catching, skimpily-clad dancers, but I liked the wholesome waitress in the video look better. Ah well. It didn't make it through.

  • Sniff. Malta's "Vodka" didn't make it through either.

  • Hungary's "Candlelight" made amazing use of the video stage, as C. pointed out. Visually striking.

  • At least the Latvian pirates made it through to the finals. The presenters introduced it as "fun for all the family". So theft, murder, and enforced piracy are healthy family fun, but calls for peace and flirtation are for adults only? I agree they're fun though.

  • Speaking of which, this was the semi-final with the bumper crop of skimpy dresses.

  • I'm a little surprised that Turkey and Albania made it through though: I found both of their numbers slightly dull. The others I can understand, although there are several other things I would have prefered to Croatia's number.
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