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Books and Keys

According to the newspaper, on this day in 1477, William Caxton produced the first book to be printed in English. (And you know what? The 16th century book I was looking at in the library on Friday was waxing eloquent about William Caxton in the English Inventions appendix.)

Also today:
theengineer has joined the ranks of LJ users. I've had a recent surge of Toronto-based friends jumping aboard, and he's the latest!

I now have many keys. I've always thought of keys as power tools, so having so many keys and passes for things at the university makes me feel like I must be accumulating power. Well, within small bits of the university, anyways. My newest key is for my job. My previous one was for my carrel. This brings to 5 the number of keys I can now successfully use on campus, plus one swipey-pass thing which is good for getting into my department's building.

Last night a group of us gathered to watch the FOTR extended version and eat happy potluck foods. Really good good. We made too much couscous salad and are still eating it, but at least it's good couscous salad. Brownies... popcorn... cocoa from The Cocomotion Machine (family tradition, evidently, in Christopher's family)... fish, chicken, caesar salad, bread, corn pudding, and banana bread.

I'm glad I've seen the extended version - the gift sequences makes so much more sense now. I'm mildly worried that Sam was given rope but no dirt in the gift-giving sequence, but at least there is a gift-giving sequence in Lothlorien now! Good additional Aragorn moments: singing along the road, and visiting his mother's grave/memorial. You could hear Gandalf singing more clearly at the beginning of the movie, and could see so much more of Hobbiton. Old Gaffer had a role to play in the long version.

Galadriel looked unnervingly cheery when she was giving out the gifts. I also noticed that Arwen wears her crown along her hairline while her father wears his mid-forehead (different hairlines or gendered styles?)

It was late enough afterwards we didn't watch any of the extras.


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Nov. 18th, 2002 07:38 pm (UTC)
No dirt
There is no dirt in the gift-giving scene because they have cut out the Scouring of the Shire. It is, unfortunately, official. Pete Jackson even said something about cutting it during his commentary on FOTR. I will greatly understate my view on this issue and say that I am annoyed....
Nov. 18th, 2002 07:45 pm (UTC)
Re: No dirt
Hmm... I wonder how the third movie will end then. With the ring destroyed and the king crowned and nobody's eventual fates revealed? Will the ringbearers go to the Grey Havens at all, or was the scene in the extended version FOTR of the elves in the shire as good as it gets on that count?

Of course, we already know Peter Jackson doesn't want anyone to think Frodo's actually dead at the end of TTT - i.e. that has to be a major reason why the scene with Shelob is now in tRotK (or however you want to anacronymize it.)
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