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Saints, and other days

Approximately a year ago, I visited double0hilly in Paris and took photos of windmill-related things there as part of the easterbunny 2007 LJ Collection Challenge. I have a new project this year, involving documenting things related to a particular saint. As I want to stand a chance at actually being able to do the challenge, I've gone with the most obvious saint-of-the-day for July 25th, St. James Apostle.

Poll #1203157 Saints, gods, and other events

But if I could feasibly choose a different saint, god, or other festival, which should it be? There are so many good options!

Furinalia (Roman festival in honor of the goddess of robbers)
Inca festival in honor of the thunder god Ilyap'a
Ebernoe Horn Fair in Sussex (involves sheep-roasting, cricket, and thunderstorms)
Day of St. Cucufas, also known as Cougat, whose name may be of Phoenician origin and means "he who likes to joke"; unsuccessfully (thanks to divine intervention) roasted alive after being seasoned with salt and vinegar
Translation of Saint Julian of Le Mans, bishop of Le Mans, confessor (and whose place-name may have some impact on our kitchen design)
Saint Christopher, patron saint of travellers; said in the Golden Legend to be 18 feet tall.
Saint Anne, mother of the Virgin Mary (Eastern calendar)
Eupraxia of Tabenna (Eastern calendar only; she has such a great name)
Olympiada the Deaconess, of Constantinople (Eastern calendar; a strong fifth-century woman who sent her coffin out to sea for post-death adventures)

Bonus factoids:
- Ilyap'a kept his rainwater in a jug, which he topped up by dipping into the Milky Way.
- St. Julian mystically created a fresh-water spring for the drought-ridden Gauls, which converted them to Christianity.
- Eupraxia was accident-prone, falling down wells, getting a splinter in her eye, and cutting herself in the leg with an axe.

Correction: Cougat had pepper, not salt, apparently.
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