S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


Day 1: It's smaller than we remembered. The damp in the back is worse. The DIY which felt so solid on viewings, is less so. The garden is wonderful, perfectly sized, and smells deliciously of roses. I still really like the office.

Day 2: It's larger than we remember it being yesterday. C. broke the towel rail, which is good to know early, for the sooner we know what needs doing, the better. Most of the DIY really isn't so bad. The garden is wonderful. We measure out prospective furniture in string and masking tape on the floor, and it feels a little more ours.

My reflexes are slow: We'd driven out to Enfield to buy the right ladder, and I was standing by the right ladder with a larger cart, waiting for C. to return with help for lifting it down from a higher shelf. B&Q was rather empty. A couple came along, looking quickly at ladders. They saw the right ladder and lifted it down, read it briefly, and walked off. I gaped. Did that really just happen? But surely it was a pile of two of the right ladders. But no, the ladder behind is a wrong ladder. And there's no more in stock. We drove to Enfield and I watched other people take away the right ladder.
Tags: moving experiences

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