S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
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Poor Iowa. Wracked by flood. Unless it's early in election season, it's rarely good news which brings Iowa to the front page of the BBC, alas.

I was in Des Moines for part of the 1993 flooding, the flood which overwhelmed the levees and flooded the city's waterworks. For two weeks, the city had no running water. In the lowest parts of town, people rowed through the streets. We were grateful when friends in West Des Moines (which has its own water treatment plant) invited us over to take showers. Electricity was erratic, so we packed suitcases and cleaned the house by candlelight. A couple of days later, we were in Venice, where the boats rowing down the rii were business as usual, not alarmingly high floods.

The summer's off to a bad start with the rain there. The weekend's due to be clear. May the weather continue to be mild, and keep down the rain below '93 levels.

Edited to add: More photos.
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