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Assorted recent notes

  • Warning, William Curley Dessert Bar fans: It's down to one chef for the time being. Call in advance (ideally, no more than a week before you intend to go) to make sure there'll be a chef there on the day to accomodate your multi-course dessert cravings. Alternately, their pre-made stuff is pretty good. My expedition there with austengirl marked the second time in a row when I showed up to find them chef-less. Last time there was a little less they could have done about it: the chef was sick.

  • I went to Warwick and read the guidebook. I'd love to visit St. Mary's, with its plethora of tombs and memorials for historial personages who went on to a lively afterlife in Shakespeare's plays. This trip, all I managed was a brief walk through town, including one of the gates, and a pleasant restaurant evening with makyo and A. (which I will write up the next time I free up more hard drive space for photos).

  • The second pebble in the stonecircle family was christened on Sunday, a wonderful excuse for a York social reunion.

  • J. knew exactly what C. needed for his birthday: a really small remote control helicopter. He's much better at flying than landing, but then he's only had about 15 minutes total flight time so far for practice.


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Jun. 30th, 2008 03:10 pm (UTC)
St. Mary's is really cool. I went there on a uni field trip, and it was worth every minute. Except maybe the "ADM is the designated translator of all things Latin" part.
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